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The Annual Sales Meeting of 2015

In 13th Jun, 2015, the Annual Salse Meeting was held in Shaoshan, Hunan.

June 13, 2015 in the company's annual sales meeting was held in Shaoshan, Hunan. Hu Dong, the general manager, together with the deputy general manager, the director, the finance director, the director of Communications Division, the production managers and the director of East Region, Central Region, Liaoning Office, Hebei Office, Guangdong Office, northwest Office, Beijing Office heads of offices, sales staff, about 25 people attended the meeting.

The meeting officially began in the June 13 afternoon, Hu showed the company's total business strategy, business direction, new product development direction to everyone, and according to the current state of the industry, market prospects of products had a discussion that is how to increase sales' business ability and they conduct extensive exchanges and discussion. Then, the manager Peng introduced the current situation of production and operation, the factory's equipped with advanced equipment, new production management reform program and the vigorous growth of the R & D team.

During the meeting it also conducted a group discussion, all the heads of office and sales have a rare cohesive freely, brainstorming discussion on their respective experience in sales, marketing strategy, sales hot, difficult and doubtful issuses, and they put forward many valuable comments and suggestions . Hu emphasized that the company must pay more attention to product quality, to enhance the communication among sales, research and development, finance, procurement, product department and other related departments, and establish a rapid response mechanism, timely feedback, solve new problems encountered in the sales process, new situations , provide strong support for the sale.

The annual sales meeting was a pragmatic, united and efficient General Assembly, which comprehensive and accurate analy the current market situation, and not only saw the difficulties and challenges, but also saw the market opportunity and our own advantage. The meeting had a clear direction of development in the second half sales, which greatly encouraged the sales team's morale. Meanwhile, the meeting required that all of the sales face and overcome all the difficulties, and spare no efforts to  complete the annual sales target and creating a billion state better future!