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Uncompressed Fiber Multiplexer of Digital Fiber Multiplexer

    Uncompressed  Digital Optical multiplexer,  it is refered not compressed transmission, it can guarantee real-time, mainly can ensure real time on the video quality and clarity.

      Uncompressed  Digital Optical multiplexer, is used to transmit Ethernet, video, audio, data and other information. the principle is that the multi-channel analog audio baseband, video, data, high-resolution is made digital, then high-speed digital stream is formed, and at last these multi-channel digital streams are multiplexed for transmission through the transmission Optical, Optical receiving by receiving the other end, demultiplexing, back into the brightest digital signal, and then through the D/ A conversion back into analog data, video, audio. Digital Optical just quantization error A/ D conversion, not enough to cause signal distortion, can make the transmission quality video images, audio, data reaches very satisfactory results.Uncompressed  Digital Optical multiplexer transmit digital signals, high-capacity transmission can do and not interfere with each other. multi-channel video, audio, data, Ethernet, telephone signal can be transmitted without crosstalk on the same fiber.

uncompressed optical multiplexer has obvious advantages compared to analog optical multiplexer

1) Long transmitting distance: can arrive 80km, and 120km by max

2)Support video lossless regenerative relay, so you can use a multi-stage transmission mode;

3)Less affected by environmental interference, high transmission quality; 

4)Supported channel capacity could up to 16, or even more (32, 64).

Thus uncompressed Optical multiplexer applications in the community is very extensive. it can be early widely used public security, military, government and other urgent needs of video services, as well as the effect of higher transport industry. it is Selectively Extended to being a security monitoring areas of society, as long as there is video surveillance where there will be uncompressed Optical multiplexer figure.

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