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VGA Fiber Multiplexer Details Inforamation

      VGA Optical multiplexer has two series:single-mode and multimode . VGA Optical multiplexer is made up of  transmitter and receiver, and  use four optical fibers 1 channel VGA  for signal transmission. the maximum transmission distance  is  SM20km,MM 0.55km, Mainly used for large-scale computer image display system for long distance transmission. Transmitter 1 VGA signal input, 1 monitor output can be used to connect a local monitor. Output is 4 LC optical interface, respectively, R, G, B, CK (RGB is red, green and blue color, CK is a clock signal). Enter the receiver for four LC optical interface, respectively, R, G, B, CK. 1 channel VGA output outputs, 1 DVI output, two output  and can be simultaneously

VGA system connection scheme 

during system connection,  it must be sending and receiving ends of the optical interface R, G, B, CK corresponding connector  and can not be cross-connected, otherwise it will not transmit signals.

VGA optical fiber transmission system uses advanced digital processing and transmission technology, and signals are transmitted in digital form on the fiber. The transmitter VGA makes analog signals into digital signals, and then through the photoelectric conversion, into an optical signal, transmitted through the optical fiber. The receiver converts the optical signals into digital electrical signals, and then through the switching circuit converts the digital signal into an analog VGA signal. System is compatible with VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA mode signal. In the transmitter and receiver have a computer system that can automatically detect the signal source tracking, and adjustments related to operating parameters of equipment, so that the input signal match. it has Comparative advantage VGA signal optical fiber transmission system


      VGA signal optical fiber transmission system compared with traditional analog signal transmission cable, it has obvious advantages in the following areas.

1. VGA signal  has high quality for long-distance transmission. Due to the use of digital fiber optic transmission, it can completely eliminate the blur and smearing signal analog signals generated by long-distance transmission cables. Signal transmission substantially achieved without loss of image clarity reproduction

2. The transmitter and the receiver without electrical connection,  achieve a complete electrical isolation, so you can eliminate ground interference.  

3. Ease optical signal shielding, electromagnetic radiation, good security.