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Boosting Transport by Local -48V Switching Power Supply

Boosting Transport by Local -48V Switching Power Supply



DC remote power supply Definition: conduct remote DC power supply system remotely transmitted and received through the power cable.

DC remote power supply is made up of local equipment and remote equipment. It can transmit the stable power from the engine room through the photoelectric composite cable, twisted pair cable or power cable low loss delivery to the repeater or base station equipment, and offers 24 hours, stable, maintenance-free  power under harsh conditions. it solve the problems for the Site installation of equipment difficuly, harsh conditions GFCI tripping device,often  batteries  maintenance, local power network and other equipment off the power supply.

2The basic work principle

Upcoming basis of existing infrastructure -48V DC power infrastructure equipment to the  the DC high (280V / 380V) ,then was transmitted to the distal end (load) device side, and then switch  to the standard input voltage required for  load equipment required which is used by  far end (load) power devices.


1. 2G/3G RRU remote base stations

2. The distributed base station

3. Marginal base 

4.2G / 3G indoor distribution system

5. Highways, tunnels, high-speed rail along the strip covering the base station

6. WLAN network access switch and the AP

7. District and  the access network GPON ONU devices

8. District, building indoor distribution + WLAN + GPON integrated access device 

9. can  solve a variety of special scene of power problems, such as UPS, battery stolen and local electrical connection inconvenient or unstable power supply communications equipment to provide a stable, reliable and economical power supply