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Fiber Optical Multiplexer

       Zhejiang Ebang Communication  Co., Ltd. introduce fiber multiplexer. it is a plurality of E1 (data transmission standard for trunk lines, usually a rate of 2.048Mbps, this standard is used in Europe and China) signal into an optical signal and transmission equipment . ZZhejiang Ebang Communication  Co., Ltd. based on the number of transmission E1 port number, the price is also different. Usually the smallest fiber multiplexer can transmit 4 E1 and currently the largest PDH can transmit 4032 E1. 

Fiber multiplexer is an optical communication system, transmission equipment, primarily for photoelectric conversion and transmission functions. Generally used in telecommunications, power, control, industrial control, video transmission and other functions, it has been widely used in various industries. General fiber multiplexer is  used for monitoring transmission Optical video, data, Ethernet, audio and other comprehensive information.there are 2 main types: Analog Optical and Digital Optical. There are single-mode and multimode Optical Optical points based on different transmission media. 

Digital Optical multiplexer is make the image, voice and data signals  digitized, and then these digital signals are multiplexed processing, which make the multiplexed digital signal into a low-speed all the way to high-speed signal, and converts the signal into an optical signal. At the receive end ,it restore the optical signal into an electrical signal, reduce the high-speed signal decomposition of the original multi-channel low-speed signal, at last then restore the data signals into images, voice and data signals.  analog optical multiplexer by amplitude modulation or frequency modulation make the electrical signal convert to optical signal . At the receie end,it restore the optical signal into an electrical signal, then the signal is demodulated to restore the image, voice or data signals. Since Zhejiang Ebang Communication co.,ltd  Digital Optical transmission signal with a high quality, no crosstalk, less susceptible to environmental interference, and good long-term stability, so many large and key projects use its digital Optical multiplexer.