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Digital Fiber Optical Multiplexer Application Field

Up to now, digital fiber multiplexer is used by China and other countries

      Currently Digital Optical Multiplexer has been widely used at China and abroad. at areas of highways, transportation, electronic police, monitoring, security, industrial automation, electricity, customs, water, banking and other ,video, audio, data, Ethernet, telephone and other popular Digital Optical begin large number of applications. Due to an increase for Optical Multiplexer, residential quarters, water conservancy, power plants, mining, large buildings and other civilian market explosive growth, and has big future development potential. Highways, urban traffic control and other ITS (intelligent transportation) market is still the largest market, but the development of the peak has passed, the future will show a steady development trend. 
Zhejiang Ebang Digital optical multiplexer has high signal quality, no analog FM, phase modulation, cross amplitude modulations simultaneous multi-channel signal when serious, readily affected by the environment, poor transmission quality, long-term stability of the shortcomings of poor, therefore, digital Optical will gradually replace analog Optical.

Currently in the field of highway, transportation, electronic police, monitoring, security, industrial automation, electricity, customs, water and banks, the video, audio, data, Ethernet, Optical has begun widespread large number of applications. The main application areas of Zhejiang Ebang Communications  digital optical multiplexer are as follows:

Intelligent building control systems

Security systems

Intelligent traffic monitoring system (ITS) 

Access control systems

Television broadcasting system 

Multimedia teaching/ distance education

Highway Monitoring System:

Zhejiang Ebang with Digital Optical multiplexer to build small cities, urban security video surveillance network, it will be an important trend. Optical Network adopted  highlights the advantages. Although there are a variety of video transmission options to choose from, but when building small cities, towns security video surveillance network solutions,  fiber optic transmission platform plus digital optical multiplexer has unparalleled Medium and small cities, towns, the fiber cost is not high, fiber prices fall faster. Optical transmission on fiber optic digital video broadcast in the distance can reach the level is MPEG2, MPEG4, JPEG can not be compared. The optical fiber transmission equipment is used digital optical multiplexer. Digital Optical without any setup, person without  professional backgrounds  can installed. no need to pay the rental fee, it can be long-term use.

The highway is another important area of Zhejiang Ebang Communication Optical video applications. In our country at the entire highway video surveillance system, you can use Zhejiang Ebang communicaiton camcorder video signal transmission to sub-centers, sub-centers connect video matrix, and the establishment of a TV screen and video equipment (DVR) in the sub-centers. 

In road monitoring system, optical multiplexer is the core of the information transmission section . For highway traffic monitoring system, and urban road traffic monitoring systems,  the main task of the transmission equipment is the transmission  for the control signal of the video signal and control the transmission of the front of the camera. the core equipment of the transmission system is  video surveillance Optical multiplexer.  in addition to the completion of the traffic monitoring system video signal transmission, but Zhejiang Ebang communication digital optical multiplexer also playa vital role in transmission charges system video signal.