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16E1 Gathering Protocol Converter

This converter provide conversion from 16 lines E1( trunk type) to 10/100M Ethernet. Being widely used in connection between WAN, LAN, monitoring, etc. it is an excellent solution of IP signal transmission and Net extending. Connecting with 16 FE1/Ethernet converters at the remote end and converging 16 channel E1 to one LAN output port at the local end, it can cut the using number of Switch port and prevent broadcast storm efficiently. It also can be set to 16 separate FE1/Ethernet converters by setting the SW1 on the 16 service cards.



This converter provide conversion from 16 lines E1( trunk type) to 10/100M Ethernet. Being widely used in connection between WAN, LAN, monitoring, etc. it is an excellent solution of IP signal transmission and Net extending.

Connecting with 16 FE1/Ethernet converters at the remote end and converging 16 channel E1 to one LAN output port at the local end, it can cut the using number of Switch port and prevent broadcast storm efficiently. 

It also can be set to 16 separate FE1/Ethernet converters by setting the SW1 on the 16 service cards.




      ■ Based on self-copyright IC

      ■ Ethernet port 10/100M half/full duplex self adaptable, supporting VLAN

       RJ45 interface supports AUTO-MDIX

      ■ Provides 2 clock types: E1 master clock, E1 line clock

      ■ Having 3 loop back functions: E1 local loop, Ethernet local loop, Remote Ethernet loop back

       Has the function of pseudo-random code testing, convenient for opening of the circuit, and can be used as an error code instrument

       75ohm dual coax and 120-ohm twisted-pair G.703 connections provided, the user do not need to adjust it

       E1 line support rate of N*64kbps( N= 1-32)

       With abundant presentation function of Ethernet data, can detect real-time data communication status

       Support Network management of the remote device at unframed mode. The managing data stream does not occupy any service timeslot

       Ethernet interface provide function of transmit-frame counter and error-frame counter

       E1 interface provide function of total of transmit-frame& receive-frame counter

       Provide SNMP network managing interface and support hyperterminal



  E1 interface

Standard: E1 interface compatible with G.703 standard.

Rate: n*64kbps( n= 1-32)

Coding: HDB3

Impedance: 75Ω( unbalance), 120Ω(balance)

Connector: BNC( 75Ω), RJ45(120Ω)

Jitter Performance: According to G.742 and G.823 



Rate: 10M/100M, full/half duplex self adapt.

Protocol: support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1 P, 802.1Q (VLAN)

MAC address table: 4096 MAC addresses.

Ethernet buffer: 64Mbits SDRAM

Physical interface: RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX( cross-over and straight- 

through self adapt)



1U/19 inch rack type: 483(W)*140(D)*44(H)


Operating environment

Voltage: 220VAC, -48VDC, 24VDC for option

Power Consumption: <=5 Watts

Working temperature: 0°C~50°C 

Storage temperature: -40°C~+70°C

Humidity: 95%