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E1 Fiber Modem

E1 fiber Optical Multiplexer modulates E1 signal of unframing to single or multi-mode fiber. It can also be used by pair with V.35 fiber modem and ETH fiber modem.

1. Product Description

E1 fiber modem is to modulate framing to single or multi-mode fiber. wavelength of ordinary fiber, and type of interface is configurable. Suit for transmit additional management data channel in different fibers. The fiber for transmit data can be used to monitor and control local and remote devices, and no collision will occur. It can also be used pair with V.35 fiber modem.

1.1 Product character

n  Special indicator Power, fiber, Ethernet, alarm, E1 los, E1 lof, Test etc.

n  Based on self-copyright IC, and software content is high.

n  Provide 3 type Loop functions: local (ANA), loop to remote (DIG), command loop (REM).

n  Loopback: Test ring connection

n  PBRS Code testing function, convenient for install and test devices.

n  Remote rate adjustment to remote device (in primary clock status) when local terminal is in primary clock status.

n  E1 fiber modem can use with V.35 fiber modem, that can save a G.703/V.35 converter.

Delay time error restore <150ns

n  Synchronous available: Internal, external, from recovery

n  Setup by Dip-SW, Led alarm

1.2 Environment requirement

The device operate temperature range wide, can work normally and stable in different environments.

Operate temperature: 0~50

Warehouse temperature: 0~60

Relative humidity: 95% (no condensation)

No causticity and impregnant gas, no rising dust, and no strong magnetic field disturbing.

1.3 Power supply

Use module power supply as following for option, working voltage range wide, good anti-disturb and isolation, work stable.

-48V: voltage range -36V~-72V

+24V: voltage range +18v~+36V

-24V: voltage range -18V~-36V

220V: voltage range 160V~240V

1.4 power consumption

power consumption <5w

1.5 Parameter & Index

a. Rate: 2048 kbps

b. Code: HDB3

c. E1 Impedance: 75Ω (unbalance) and 120Ω (balance).

d. Interface character: match G.703.

e. Connector: BNC(75Ω), RJ45(120Ω).


g. Clock: synchronize input E1 signal.

Fiber connector

a. Optical interface:                   FC/PC or SC/PC

b. Optical Wavelenth:  FP1310 nm /DFB1550nm+/-50/40nm

c. Sending consumption:               -9dBm/-5dBm

d. eceiving and dispatching module:     >-6dBm

e. Optical receiver receiving sensitivity:   <-36 (BER<10 -10):

f. Dynamic range receiving:             >-30dB

g. Optical code:                       NRZ

h. Single mode :                      10/125 um 

j. Transmitting range:  2Km for multi mode, 20Km, 40Km, 60Km, 120Km for single mode

1.6 Dimension

210mm (W) * 140mm (L) * 30mm (h)