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ETH Fiber Modem

10/100M is fiber media converter can fulfill converter 1000Base-TX to 1000Base –FX. It can expand the transmission distance to 0_120KM fiber network.

1.1 Functions

FE1 fibre optical modem modulate the E1 data signals of non-framing or framing to the single-mode or multi-mode fiber directly.

Transfer rates for 64Kbps~2,048kbps, suitable for transport over different fibre links in-band management channel, it use the transmit data on the same optic line as monitoring and controlling  local and remote device, and without can be use with V.35 fibre optical modem to realize the Network structure of (Ethernet bridge)-----(E1 optical  Modem)-----(ETH optical Modem).

Suitable for various applications such as telecommunications, postal services, public security, bank.

1.2 Product character

n  Based on self copyright IC;

n  Can realize network structure ofE1 fiber optical Modem-----V.35 fiber optical Modem);

n  Can realize network structure ofEthernet bridge-----E1 fiber optical Modem-----Ethernet fiber optical Modem);

n  Provide 3 type loop functions: local (ANA), loop to remote (DIG), command loop (REM)

n  Pseudo-random code test function (PATT), it is easy to creat and maintent the line,it can use as a E1 BER Tester.

n  Optional power supply mode such as AC220V, DC-48V/DC24 and so on.

n  It can work normally in the DC-48V/DC24C power supply mode when the power supply polarity positive/negative units are reversed

n  Support real SNMP network management functions

1.3 Parameter and Specifications

n  E1 interface

Standard   The E1 interface conforms to the G.703 standard

Rate          64kbps~2048kbps

Code               HDB3

E1 Impedance: 75Ω (unbalance) and 120Ω (balance)

Connector       BNC75Ω)、RJ45120Ω

Jitter tolerance           conforms to G.742,G.823 standard

Clock         Internal clock, line clock


n  Optical interface

Wavelengthsingle-mode 1310nm/1550nm/multi-mode

            Double-mode 850 nm /1310nm(optional when ordering)

Fiber core numberdouble core/single core for option

Sending consumption-9dBm/-5dBm

Transmitting rangesingle-mode 0-120km for option

             Double-mode 2km(optional when ordering)

Receiving sensitivity <-36dBm (BER <10-11)

Optical codeScrambling NRZ coding

ConnectorSC/FC(optional when ordering)

1.4 Operation Environment

Voltage       AC 220VDC–48VDC +24Voptional

Consumption  ≤5W

Operating temperature    -10°C~50°C

Storing temperature        -40°C~+70°C

Relative humidity   5%~95 %

No causticity and solvent, dust free, and no strong magnetic interference.

1.6 Dimension

210mm (W) * 140mm (L) * 30mm (h)