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16E1+4GE PDH Multiplexer

1-16E1 Fiber Optical Multiplexer is a kind of fiber-optic communication device which can use fiber to transport 1~16 E1 signal in the meantime efficiently and can test the used E1 automatically. The flexible circuit test and the indication function has a simple single panel form, which provides 1~4 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet ports(optional) and an office phone port (optional), raising applied flexibility also in the meantime enlarge the utilization of the fiber optic.The four GE ports are switching interfaces, 10M/100M/1000M self-adapting completely.

Product description

16E1+4GE PDH fiber optical Mux, is a point-to-point optical transmission equipment developed based on ultra large scale integrated circuit. It has perfect alarm function, 1 channel digital service telephone and 4 channel GE Ethernet port. 16 channel Ethernet port set as switch and dividing VLAN as well. Ethernet transmission rate is 10/100/1000M auto adapted. The device's electronic part is total digital circuit, to assure working steady, low power consumption, high integration and easy maintain.


Product character

  • (1) Based on self-independent knowledge circuit;

  • (2)Veneer design;

  • (2) Module style, wide dynamic detector;

  • (3) Optical module adopt send-receive synchronous way;

  • (4) Provide control remote alarm status;

  • (5) E1 interface accord with G.703, adopt digital clock reset and flat lock technique;

  • (6) Provide 16 channel E1 and 4 channel 1000M Ethernet transmission loading;

  • (7) 16 channel Ethernet port set as switch, also can be divided VLAN;

  • (8) Ethernet interface 10/100/1000M auto adapted;

  • (9) 1 channel PCM digital service telephone (for option);

  • (10) 2 channel RS232 for option;

  • (11) Support 1+1 fiber optical interface backup;(optional)

  • (12) Desktop device support independent SNMP, and link control (optional)

  • (13) Support detecting optical signal loss caused by remote device's turn off or fiber's break down;

  • (14) Inspect local device's temperature and voltage;

  • (15) Inspect remote device's temperature and voltage and set temperature alarming value;

  • (16) Transmission distance can reach 2~120km without relay;

  • (17) Multiple power supply type for option: AC220V,DC-48V/DC24V etc;

  • (18) DC48v/DC24v has no positive and negative difference;

  • (19) Head end support chassis with multiple cards, 12 channel optical way for option, SNMP included.


Technical Parameter

  Fiber optical interface

  optical wavelength:850/1310nm for multi-mode fiber, 1310/1550nm for single-mode fiber.

  optical interface :SC/FC/ST

  Fiber pinning: double and single for option

  transceiver module:>-6dBm

  optical receiver sensitivity<-36(BER<10-11 )

  receive range:>-30dB

  transmission distance:multi-mode 2 Km, single-mode 40 Km, single-mode 80 Km, single-mode 120 Km.

  Optical circuit coding: NRZ


 E1 interface

  Interface Rate: 2.048Mbps+-50PPM

  Coding: HDB3

  Interface signal coding: ITU-T G.703

  E1 Impedance : BNC 75Ω(unbalance), BNC 120Ω(balance)

  Unbalanced coaxial cable connector: 75-2/3 coaxial cable adapted

  Interface character: match G.703

  Jitter tolerance : match G.742 and G.823.

  Input attenuation tolerance:0~6dBm


  Ethernet interface

  Interface Rate: 10/100/1000Mbps auto adapted, full/semi duplex auto adapted

  Interface character: match IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1 Q

  Mac address:  can learn 4096 MAC addresses

  Connector: RJ45, Auto-MDIX



485 mmL×140 mmW× 44 mmH


Power supply

AC220Vinput voltage AC 180V260V

DC-48Vinput voltage -36V-72V


Operation Condition

Voltage: AC180V ~ 260V; DC –48V; DC +24V

Consumption: ≤5W

Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C

Storing temperature: -40°C~+70°C

Relative humidity: 95 %

Without disturbance of erosive and solvent gas, raising dust or strong magnetic field