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Integrated PDH Optical Multiplexer Application in Hebei Area

Large quantity of comprehensive PDH optical multiplexer equipment used in the CNPC project in shijiazhuang city hebei province, mainly to solve the CNPC data upload of charging system , has a wide coverage. Presently the project is run normally in shijiazhuang hebei region

Application Features

1. based on TDM backplane bus, upload city core network after business convergence

2. set E1 ETH v. 35 at an organic whole, satisfy the customer demand for optical fiber transmission and access

3. perfect alarm monitoring function, high integration, low power consumption, stable performance, easy to use

4. rich downstream business interface, max can provide 16 channel E1, 4 channel Ethernet, 1 channel V.35

5. abundant interface, meet customer demand for traditional business access

6. easy to install, easy to maintain, can be more convenient for fault location, business data issued and equipment management all the time through the network

7. networking flexible, straight to hang the AP chassis, do not need to do data configuration and management

8. through the convergence of customer business, comprehensive PDH uploaded to the MSAP chassis, then transmit continuingly via uplink SDH transmission business

9. make full use of network resources, to provide users with highly reliable business access and convergence services

10. flexible network management implementation way and embedded traditional TDM channel can also achieve packet transmission channel for network management form

11. flexible network, a variety of compatible ways of convergence uplink, convergence uplink in small size, terminal straight hanging