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Enhanced MSAP155 - II Integrated Service Access Platform

EBANG company’s MSAP155 - II integrated access platform solutions enhance the solution of the packet transmission network, meet the load of grouping line flexible extension integrated service, platform solutions of network intelligent requirements, and provide the compatible ability of traditional SDH, one is keeping traditional access solution, another is meet the smooth transition of current network packet transmission, effectively reduce the construction cost

Solutions Features 

1. the access devices based on dual network can be uplink packet transmission network and also can be uplink transmission network, and can realize double network transformation

2. the design of double backplane bus can make equipment provides the Ethernet backplane and also keep the existing TDM backplane bus

3. efficient back full wire-speed , make the customer business convergence, better meet the customer demand for bandwidth

4. MSAP155 - II can meet the requirement of original terminal access and also can access to group terminal equipment of the packet network standards

5. rich uplink interface, provide FE/GE group interface, and also can provide  STM-1\STM-4 transmission interface

6. perfect downstream business interface , provide EOP, EOS, PDH, SDH, E1, V.35, FE, etc

7. flexible networking, dual network access provides free choice of transmission for operators

8. rich mechanism of protecting rearrangement makes network more security, protect the rearrangement 50 ms

9.packet core exchanging is separate with uplink interface, make protecting rearrangement of line side does not affect the whole business

10. fully improve the usage rate of the chassis, a unified network management platform

11. make full use of network resources, to provide users with highly reliable business access and convergence services

12. based on product design of telecommunication level, support master 1 + 1 backup, support for dual power supply hot backup , parts of business card adopts the SFP hot plug optical interface and the card support hot-swappable design in an all-round way

13. flexible network management implementation way and embedded traditional TDM channel can also achieve packet transmission channel for network management form

14. flexible network, a variety of compatible ways of convergence uplink, convergence uplink in small size, terminal straight hanging