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Integrated SDH Optical Multiplexer Application in Hebei, Hunan, Liaoning Area

SDH optical multiplexer use SDH technology as the core, the device offers a variety of busines access and transmission, provide 2 channels STM-1 optical interface, equipment maintenance is easy,and is already installed,used to form the chain and circular transmission network of point to point and point to multi-point type, can be widely used in operators etc, like departments special line business transmission

Application Features

1. standard 19 inch 1U structure, easy to install

2. integrates Ethernet business, E1 Ethernet V. 35 business functions into an organic whole, meet the demand of traditional big customer business access

3. rich downstream business interface, max can provide 16 channel E1, 4 channel Ethernet, 1 channel V.35

4. abundant interface, meet customer demand for traditional business access

5. easy to install, easy to maintain, can be more convenient for fault location, business data issued and equipment management all the time through the network

6. have independent SNMP interface, realized the device single machine graphical network management

7. equipment provide 2 channel rate optional 622 MB/S (STM - 4) or 155 MB/S (STM-1) optical interface

8. equipment user 2 channel STM-1 optical interface ,realize ports 1+1 protection

9. full time slot cross function, has powerful and convenient upper and lower business function and way

10. support AC/ DC power supply, which can realize power supply mutual backup

11. has the function of high integration, small volume, abundant business interface, etc

12. meet the requirement of users for Ethernet, E1, V.35, and other business of the optical fiber transmission and access