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Packet Access Device Network Application

Packet series devices located in the network client, the main solution is for the application requirement of some single point customers , but also can use with our ETN series products,after access convergence type equipment, unified network management, also can achieve entire network of single point access , to provide a favorable solution for single point big customers access, ETN series products are easy to install, easy to open, easy maintenance and has other characteristics.


1. abundant access mode, small volume, to meet the needs of customers diverse access

the network interoperability can be hung on packet transmission network, MSAP chassis, ETH series convergence device, to meet the customer's diversification

2. support full duplex/ half duplex mode

3. the LED indicator dynamic feedback link status and fault monitoring location

4. support Ethernet port, optical port loop detection, ports release and other functions

5. perfect management alarm, make the equipment fault location to be more exact

6. the equipment has the characteristic of miniaturization, desktop and low power consumption

7. terminal equipment support dual optical 1+1 protection, make the customer service to be more secure

8. relative traditional optical transceiver equipment  protect the business more, improve the function of OAM management, equipment investment did not keep the same