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EOS Application in Liaoning, Hunan Area

EOS application is usually applied to the commonly used networking mode, the network is simple, the characteristics such as easy to maintain is more prominent, EOS mapping to the standard of SDH transmission by encapsulating business of Ethernet,then transmit business via SDH , mainly adopts the GFP encapsulation method, GFP encapsulation standardization degree is high, easy to Ethernet business exchange between each manufacturer

Application Features


1. standardized encapsulation protocol: PPP/ ML-PPP, GFP, LAPS

2. support LCAS, improve reliability of the business

3. user bandwidth can realize smooth upgrading and expansion by VCG configuration, does not need to site operation  

4. reduce equipment level, reduce network node, convenient for the fault location and ruled out

5. provides better performance monitoring, alarm management functions 

6. strong compatibility, improve interoperability of Ethernet between manufacturers

7. suitable for large enterprise customers’ Ethernet business access to use

8. remote optical transceiver transmit business by adopting the way of hanging straight MSAP, less node, easy to maintenance and management

9. the interface of EOS business card is rich, can provide 4 optical ports, 4 electrical ports, 8 optical ports, 8 electrical ports business access card, meet the demand of large customer access

10. realize the entire network, the remote device does not need to separately build a network channel, perfect in- band network management way for the remote device, save network resources