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EOP Application in Hunan Area

EOP application, mainly solve some big customers E1 business convergence, its main way is to put the Ethernet business mapped to the E1 frame format after encapsulation, then transmit through E1 interface, mainly use the GFP \ HDLC two kinds of encapsulation mode, EOP application is more cost-effective

Application Features

1. standardized encapsulation protocol: GFP, HDLC bandwidth expansion  is convenient

2. full network management, network management channel in-band, no need to set up network management channel additionaly, save network resources

3. simple network structure, fault point is less, easy to fault location

4. make full use of a large number of existing 2M resources in access centre room, do not need to network transformation  

5. business isolated by E1 transmission channel, high service quality, safe and reliable 

6. resources for equipment investment is less, the cost will be controled effectively, opening, use, maintenance is convenient

7. can bound E1 number arbitrarily, the rate of bandwidth can be adjusted freely  

8. independent SNMP interface, can realize unified network management of user center, local side, remote side through  network management in-band