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Dynamic Environment Monitoring System Solutions

Support for different networking system, flexible access to the operators net system. This solution aims to realize remote real-time monitor for the computer room power and the environment, realize unattended operation. Dynamic monitoring: city’s power status monitoring, switch power supply monitoring, UPS monitoring, battery monitoring, oil monitoring, electric meter monitoring, remote copy electricity meter. Environmental monitoring: temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, infrared, and air conditioning. Entrance guard management: door state, locks, card to open the door, open the door in remote side. Base station positioning: GPS positioning. Video monitoring

2M network application

Independent 2M network application (suitable for rich transmission resources of VIP, node station) 


IP network application

Program features:

 convenient for the new base station direct access;

 provide greater bandwidth, which can realize more business access, especially for the business which demand greater bandwidth such as base station video  monitoring;  

  short transmission delay;

  simple center structure, convenient attachment;

  independent hosted network, are not affected by the interference of core network cut over ;


Wireless network application

Program features


   use the way of wireless transmission; the base station equipment is less, investment cost is low;

   not affected by the interference of transmission network cut over;

   short working period, can quickly conver entire network;

   simple center structure, easy to attachment

PTN network application

The advantage of dynamic environment  monitoring system based on PTN access: 

1) access is concise and easy. New station just connected to the integration of the host  with PTN network access ability, then  can realize the access of all analog, digital and video data, intelligent equipment of the base station dynamic environment monitoring;

2) do not take up space resources. Centre room do not need a lot of the convergence devices, save the precious and limited space resources of the machine room, also purify room environment;

3) abundant transmission bandwidth. PTN access can well solve the problem of the data transmission delay

4) new business strong extensibility. For previous situation ,because bandwidth limitations then can't conduct business (e.g., video), now due to the abundant bandwidth, it becomes to be very convenient to realize access;

5) standard interface. Direct access, convenient for the direct access to the new base station;

6) construction costs reduced sharply. No 2M transmission convergence equipment in the centre, greatly reduce the construction cost;

7) greatly alleviate the situation of the 2M port resources shortage.  Don't lay a lot of 2M cables, the situation of the 2M port resources shortage is eased in centre.

8) No 2M tandem equipment in the center, only one or a few PTN cable access, reduced the point of failure, greatly reduce the workload of the daily maintenance of maintenance personnel, improve the stability and reliability of the system, improve the system availability.

9) independent hosted network, are not affected by the interference of core network cut over. Star network structure, is very good for positioning analysis of the fault , improve the efficiency of maintenance.

10) support QOS function, can set the priority level of load transfer according to degree of importance of the business data, such as: dynamic video stream is priority pass, etc.